The short answer: Certainly not!

Many Easy Ear Training students are over 60 years of age, and either starting ear training for the first time or returning to music now that they have a bit more leisure time available.

We’ve spoken with many who’ve seen great results when starting from scratch – so there certainly isn’t any danger that it’s “too late”!

Hearing loss

There is one possible limiting factor: if you have physical hearing loss, as often happens later in life, it can be harder to hear higher-pitched sounds. You might miss out on some detail of what you’re listening to.

However, we actually strongly recommend ear training in this case, as it helps you to make the most of the hearing you do have!

A set of ears with a bit of physical hearing loss which have been well trained will likely hear far more in music than a set of young ears with no training!

Depending on what you’re working on in music and what your goals with ear training are there may b