It’s that time of the year again! Halloween costumes, crazy and freaky Halloween-themed food and parties — and none of it would ever be complete without some spooky, scary Halloween music…

To help make your Halloween suitably musical we have compiled this list of 8 excellent Halloween music resources you can use to bring a terrifying twist to your kids’ (or your own) music learning this October. You can also use them during a party or while trick-or-treat-ing.

Of course, these are all beginner friendly so that everyone can have a good, musical Halloween. So without further ado let’s indulge in these spook-tacular goodies!

Note: Some of the resources links below are free and some are available for purchase, with the proceeds going to the music teacher who created them. Help support Halloween-loving music teachers!



meyersmmeyersusic blog

Miss White Had a Fright: enjoy reading the poem in different chilling voices, add some instruments, some drums and rhythm sticks while saying the chant. Try to add some ghost songs with pipe cleaners and go over the poem again in different high and low voices.


October-fest Teaching Bundle


Teachers Pay Teachers

This is an interactive 291 page bundle perfect for Halloween music-making. It’s a paid product but very affordable and the money goes straight to the music teacher who created it. These are all great resources for all ages that will help you with rhythm, melodies, and with your instruments. If you are a teacher, you will also appreciate the interactive quizzes that your students will surely enjoy. Thank you, Linda McPherson!

Freaky Halloween Music


A Minor and middle C have never been this haunted! Get these free scores by Jennifer Foxx and learn these hair-raising musical pieces:


  • Freaky Fright-day
  • Monster Stomp
  • Halloween Party
  • Halloween is Finally Here
  • Rolling Pumpkin
  • Halloween Howl

Spooky Worksheets Collection


Make your Halloween more fun and exciting with these free printable worksheets and games. Get the Spider Web Intervals sheet and quickly learn the fourths and fifths. Place that stem in the right direction with Frankenstems. Practice yummy activities like the Candy Corn and Trick-or-Treat Rhythms. If you want to become the musical version of Sherlock Holmes, you can solve the mystery and find out who is the Halloween Mystery Thief…

Scariest Classical Music


Limelight Magazine

Bring a classy touch to the Halloween mood with some bone-chilling masterpieces. Limelight Magazine has compiled 13 macabre masterworks as the “scariest classical music”. Dracula will surely thank you for playing his jam!

High Low/Up Down Activities


Keyboard Kids Club

Get your ears ready for some Halloween pitch directions. Witch Way Does It Go? is a perfect exercise for your ears to distinguish ascending and descending notes. You will also get to help Frankie match the pitches and help him sing!

Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Bright Hub Education

Halloween is also a perfect time to learn some new musical concepts and not just how to scare each other…. Get musical with Musical Bumps in the Night. Don’t be afraid! Ghosts, goblins and witches would love to hear you identify rhythm combinations with the Halloween Rhythm Worksheet. Plus even more exciting and eerie musical activities for active listening.

Make Your Own Halloween Music and Themes

Visionaires Music Academy

Learn how to invoke sadness, terror, creepiness with this music demo from the Visionaires Music Academy. Discover how to create dreadful Halloween music and how to ensure everyone gets goosebumps when you play that spooky music!

Turn your Halloween into a frightful and mysteriously musical fun time with the help of these resources. Make sure to step up the game by wearing your Halloween costumes and enjoy them with your students, family, and friends. Happy Halloween! Awooo!