Music is a beautiful thing. It’s the “real” international language and is something that has connected us throughout the ages. Many music lovers have a desire to be more musical themselves and work throughout their lifetimes to make beautiful music. One common misconception is that all musicians have been lifetime-musicians, meaning they began playing or singing at a very early age.

While this is often the case, it is not always true. Plenty of people begin their musical journey as children, but there is also a large community of people who choose to study music for the first time as adults. Still others were once musicians, but have lost their skills along the way when other life responsibilities got in the way. Regardless of how many years young you may be, it’s never too late to dust off your instrument or pick up a new one and begin practicing.

Here are 4 reasons why you’re never too old to become a musician.

1. Music knows no age.

Music has been the single, ultimately unchanging force throughout our shared histories. While styles evolve and instruments are invented or fall out of popularity, the traditional music of our varying cultures lives on, well past its inception.

As music is unchanged by age, the people who choose to make it also have no time limits. Regardless of your birth year, nothing matters but your passion. Whether you are 9 years old or 99 years young, the only factor that determines your ability to make beautiful music is your enthusiasm.

2. Music is a great way to express yourself at any age.

Music is a language that conveys the deepest of human emotions. When you are playing an instrument, you may find that songs can speak your feelings better than your own words.

Learning and performing music is a great way to express your creativity and feelings. When you do so, you are not only practicing to improve your overall skills, but you can also learn how to improvise and build on existing melodies.

In time, you may even begin composing your own music. This is a great creative outlet and a beautiful way to express yourself.

3. Studies show that playing an instrument can prolong mental health.

Studying music is one of the best ways to “exercise” your brain and maintain high-functioning cognitive reasoning abilities. Things as simple as Sudoku and crossword puzzles can serve as exercise, but learning to play an instrument and working to read music is also a great choice. Having musical ability can help you prolong your mental health.

4. Music inspires others.

By choosing to learn to play an instrument (or take it up after a long break), you may inspire others to follow your lead and learn something for themselves.

For example, your decision to study music may challenge those around you to learn something new they have been postponing. Maybe they’ve always wanted to take a cooking or dance class, or maybe they wanted to spend more time painting on the weekends. Whatever their creative choice may be, your self-confidence to learn something new may spur them on to do the same. Plus, you’ll bring a smile to someone’s face.

It’s never too late to become a musician. At Musical U, we want to help you achieve your musical goals and become a more confident musician. Many of our members are returning to music (or learning it for the first time) at a time in their lives when work and family commitments have eased off and they have more time to commit to discovering their musicality. Join our community and see how other members interact, share ideas, and ultimately guide each other to be better musicians, no matter their age.

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