Have you spent time training your ears…

… but then lost interest?

Have you ever found yourself in need of a little advice and encouragement to keep working on improving your musical ear?

We all need a helping hand now and then when it comes to learning music—and ear training is no exception.

That’s why we’ve collected up more than a hundred of the best ear training tips, covering all the core topics in ear training, and compiled them into one handy eBook: so that you’ll have the nudge you need at just the moment you need it!

Ear Training Tips

With most Easy Ear Training products, we target a particular type of ear training and go into depth on training routine and techniques to help you develop your musical ear in that area.

101 Ear Training Tips for the Modern Musician eBookThis one’s a little different.

“101 Ear Training Tips for the Modern Musician” is a big bundle of bite-sized wisdom. Tips, advice, and new suggestions to give you a boost in your ear training.

You don’t need to be immersed in ear training already—the book also includes some more general tips on music appreciation, and how to start out in ear training.

But if you’re already working on
Chord ear training
Interval ear training
Rhythm ear training
♫ … or any kind of musical ear training in fact,
you’ll find tips inside that will help you improve your ears faster, and help you stay excited and motivated to keep at it.

Tips for Every Topic

Supposing you’re working on playing chord progressions by ear.

Flip to the “Chords” section, and you’ll find a tip like this:

You can harmonise any melody based on the major scale using just the I, IV and V chords – because those three chords together include all the notes of the scale. Try it!

Or jump ahead to “Playing By Ear” and you might find this one:

If you find it difficult to reproduce pieces on your instrument, use singing or humming as a stepping stone.

If you can sing a line of music, you are already playing it by ear – using your voice!

It may then be easier to transition to your instrument. It’s even more beneficial if you can sing the line while tapping or clapping the beat.

Something for everyone

Ear Training Tricks for All TopicsWe’re not going to claim that each and every tip will be perfect for everyone—musicians are far too varied for that!

But with 101 varied ear training tricks, tips and hints, we can guarantee that:

  • Whatever stage you’re at with ear training
  • Whatever instrument you play (or even if you don’t)
  • Whichever country, style, genre, or era of music you love

you will find ideas in this book that help you get more out of music.

Spread the Knowledge

Share Ear Training Tips With FriendsIf there’s one thing better than learning a great new tip that helps you make progress, it’s sharing that tip with a friend.

That’s why we’ve included an easy “share” link for every tip in the book. Just click it to share the tip on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks—or send it directly by email if you prefer.

Your friends will wonder how you suddenly became such a fount of ear training wisdom!

Great for music teachers

Ear Training Tips for Music TeachersSpeaking of wisdom, there’s another group of people this book is going to be a great help for, and that’s music teachers.

Here at Easy Ear Training we have enormous respect for all those who devote their lives to music education.

That’s why we’re really excited to offer teachers this new resource to use with their students.

The tips can help encourage students to include ear training in their instrument practice, and ensure you always have a fresh idea or bit of inspiration on hand to make your next lesson sparkle.

(… not to mention it might help you keep up your own enthusiasm for ear training along the way!)

If you’re a music educator just drop us a line and we’ll get you set up with a special discount.

So next time you need a helping hand…

“101 Ear Training Tips” is a book you can dip in and out of, or read cover-to-cover. You might like to read a tip a day (for the next few months!) or dive into the section which matches up with your current ear training programme. Or sit down, absorb all 101 tips, and let them burble up in the months that follow, as and when you need them in music.

101 Ear Training Tips eBook
Whichever way you choose to use the book, we hope it will help keep your ear training journey fun, exciting and inspirational.

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