Hi, this is Christopher Sutton, the Founder and Director of Musical U, and thanks for joining me for this look inside what’s new at Musical U this month.

We’re actually going to do something a bit different this time though. If you’ve watched one of these videos before, you know that normally what I do is I run you through the new modules and resource packs and all the goodies we have inside Musical U that are new this month. But today I started doing that, and I was looking at our great new resource packs for syncopation and for swing rhythm, and I was going to talk about our Fireside Chat, the new feature where members get to talk directly with the team. This month, we had a great one on performance, and I was getting psyched about that.

But then I got totally sidetracked, because this week March starts, and March is Improv Month at Musical U.

It’s a new thing we’ve put together where we’re going to theme the month all about the topic of improvisation, and I decided what I wanted to do with this video was actually just bring you guys up to speed on all the great stuff we have going on this month for Improv Month.

You can watch the video below or read on to learn more!

Improvisation Month

It’s the first time we’re doing a themed month like this before, but we were working on new improvisation modules for Musical U, and decided it would be fun to release them all in a big batch with our roadmap and do a bunch of public content too, to celebrate the topic of improvisation.

Improvisation is such a big and exciting topic in music, but it’s one that a lot of people feel left out of, and it’s certainly not just about jazz. It’s not just about certain instruments. For us, improvisation is really the heart of being free and creative in music, so we were so excited to put together a dedicated month to show you all how you can get involved with improvisation, and how it can be fun and easy to get really good at improvising.

So, we’ve got so much going on during March, let’s do a rundown.

Before we dive in, though, I want to give a quick shout-out and thank you to my team, because although I’m the one here today telling you about Improv Month, actually, it’s really been Adam and Andrew in particular and all of our team who’ve been working behind the scenes to line up all of the amazing experts and content I’m about to tell you about. So, big credit to the Musical U team, and thanks for pulling together such an exciting Improv Month for everyone.

On the Podcast

So first of all, over on the Musicality Podcast, we’ve got a series of fantastic expert interviews lined up. I’ll be talking with Nick Mainella of the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast, David Wallimann, whose Guitar Playback site sells great courses for guitar, and he also has over 100,000 subscribers for his guitar tutorials on YouTube, Brendan Lowe of the Jazz Piano School, and David Reed from the popular Improvise For Real method for learning to improvise.

We’ll be interspersing those, as always, with teaching episodes, so we’ll be talking about how to approach improvisation, improvising rhythms specifically, how to improvise with scales and with chords, and how to add structure and form to your improv so it’s not just all an endless string of notes. So, the podcast is going to be 100% improv in the month of March.

Articles and Tutorials

On the website, the public website, we have a bunch of new articles and tutorials coming up, including one about how to improvise in the world of classical music, one on the musicality that goes into improvising a solo.

And we have three great guest posts lined up. Marc-Andre Seguin of jazzguitarlessons.net, Nadav Biran of CatzAudio, and Robert Callus of LearnGuitarMalta.com are all coming in to share their unique perspectives on learning to improvise.

Inside Musical U: New Modules, Resources and Roadmap

That’s what’s going on outside that everyone can get involved with. All of these are available to you, the podcast episodes, all of these new articles, but like I said before, this all kicked off with thinking about what we’re doing inside Musical U to help our members learn to improvise.

Ever since launching Musical U, we have been helping members with improvisation, because we believe that having a good ear, being able to do things like play by ear, is a cool part of how you can improvise freely, so all of our training modules have already been helping members get a feel for improvising, but now we’re really bringing it home with a set of modules specifically about improvising.

We’ve already published two, one called Approaching Improvisation, and one called Improvising Melody, and in March, we’re going to be releasing Improvising With Chords, one of phrasing, another on form and structure, and one on improv practice, giving you plenty of opportunity to really hone those skills.

These are all going to come together in our new Roadmap for learning to improvise, which will show you how to use these modules, and give you additional exercises and pointers to make it easy and fun.

And, of course, we’re bringing in our Instrument Packs on this topic too, so the new resources in those for guitar, bass, piano, and singing during March are going to be on the topic of improvisation as well.

If you are a member of Musical U, or you’re planning to become one, you’re going to get access to all of this in-depth training on every aspect of improvisation.

Finally, one other exciting thing is we’re going to wrapping up the month with a masterclass: a live, online training session that you can join. It’s going to be open to everyone, and this is going to give you some great pointers on how you can learn to improvise.

Join us for Improv Month!

As you can see, we’ve got a ton of stuff going on in March. It’s going to be really exciting, and I’m so happy that it’s come together so well. All that remains to say is, how can you get involved?

Well, the number one thing is subscribe to the podcast. If you go to musicalitynow.com, you’ll find an easy way to subscribe on your computer or mobile device.

Number two is follow us on Facebook. Please go to our Facebook page and click Like and Follow, because otherwise, if you just like the page, you may not see any of our content in your news feed. So if you want to get all of this great stuff that’s coming up in Improv Month, please both Like and Follow our page on Facebook.

Finally, of course, some of this stuff is members-only. The training modules and the roadmap, that’s what we’ve been pouring our heart and soul into, and those are for members of Musical U, so if you’re interested in becoming a member, please head to Musical-U.com/join.

Thanks for joining me for this look inside not what’s new but what’s coming up in Musical U this month, and I hope you’ll join us for all of this great improv month content and find your way to unleashing your musical creativity through improvisation!