Today marks the beginning of our favourite month here at and this October we’re delighted to celebrate with a very special offer from our friends over at the Dallas School of Music:

special offerSPECIAL OFFERspecial offer

Throughout the month of October, every Easy Ear Training customer will receive one of the revolutionary dlp Music Books – absolutely free!

About the “Discover, Learn, Play” Music Program

The innovative “Discover, Learn, Play” system from the Dallas School of Music was featured as part of our top online courses article and we’re always quick to recommend them when it comes to instrument learning online. Their online teaching for every instrument provides music theory and interactive learning to give you a solid foundation, which is then immediately put to real musical use as you apply your new knowledge to your instrument with each chapter’s songs.

dlp music books for online instrument learning

What are dlp Music Books?

This series of “Music Books” are really a reinvention of what a “music book” is. They’re actually more like an online course than a traditional textbook, built with the years of expertise and experience the DSM team have in teaching instruments effectively. In fact these are the same “books” used in the Dallas School of Music itself—now made available online for every country and device: use them on your desktop PC or Mac, iPhone/iPod/iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet.

Each Music Book includes:

  • 3 “lessons” teaching you about a particular aspect of music
    Lessons start from the basics of rhythm and reading music in Book 1 of the Kore series, continuing on through scales and chords, and advanced material in the Jazz series.
    Instrument Lesson Example
  • 9 interactive quizzes
    These interactive quizzes test you on each lesson and include audio clips so you can work on your ear training alongside your music theory and instrument practice.
    Instrument Lesson Quiz
  • 27 practice songs
    Specially-composed songs to bring the theory to life on your instrument. You get the sheetmusic (which you can open in the free Finale Notepad software) and play-along MP3s for your part, the whole song, and just the backing part for you to play over.
    Song exampleExample song audio
  • Instruction for 37 instruments
    Amazing value for the multi-instrumentalist: you get access to the material for every instrument!
    All Instruments Included

Kore and Jazz series books

The books come in two series: the “Kore” series which covers the traditional foundation material for learning and instrument, and the more advanced and specialised “Jazz” series.

DLP Core Music Books Teach Instruments Online

Example contents

These are the musical skills that you will learn in dlp Kore Music Book 4:

The major arpeggio formula
The relationship between major arpeggios and scales
6 major arpeggios
Key changes
The natural minor scale formula
Relative keys
3 natural minor scales
Inversion of intervals
New dynamic signs; mp and mf
DLP Core Music Books Teach Jazz Online

Example contents

These are the musical skills that you will learn in dlp Jazz Music Book 2:

Dominant 7/mixolydian mode
Mixolydian tension and resolutions
Dominant 7 and the bebop scale
Dominant 7 and lydian flat 7
Lydian flat 7 tension and resolutions
Blues progression
Minor blues scale
Minor blues tension
Major blues scale
Major blues tension
Modes of the major scale
7th chords of a major key
Chords/modes of a major key
Modes of harmonic minor
7th chords of a minor key
Chords/modes of a minor key
Identifying keys of songs
Important guide tones
Important color tones
Types of motion
Functional relationships

Free For You This October!

The dlp Music Books normally each sell for a $9.95/month subscription, but with this October special offer you will receive FREE lifetime access to a dlp Music book of your choice – when you buy any Easy Ear Training product.

How does it work? During the month of October:

  • starIf you buy one of our iOS apps you’ll get an in-app message with a link to your special offer page.
  • starIf you buy an eBook or training album from our online store you’ll receive a link to your special offer page by email.

Get Your dlp Music Book Now

First read up on the contents of each book—and decide which one you want to get free!

Then if you’ve been thinking about picking up one of our apps, albums, or eBooks, now is the time! Get your free dlp book today:

Any questions? Just email us and we’ll be happy to help.
We’re so excited to bring this special offer to all of our customers this month and help you learn your instrument as you train your ears. We’ll leave you with a dlp call to:

Enjoy your musical adventure as you Discover, Learn and Play!

Please note: offer limited to one book per customer.