January is a great time to set new music goals. Sadly “New Year’s Resolutions” normally fail. In fact less than 10% of people achieve the resolutions they set! It turns out there are six mistakes to avoid, and six ways you can fix them.


It can seem like setting goals and making a plan to reach them are simple and you should be able to just do them instinctively. However, this is a big error! In fact, it’s why most musicians won’t achieve the resolutions they are currently setting. The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to transform that ineffective process into a New Year’s Resolutions approach which really does work.

You just need to understand the six major mistakes people typically make which ruin their chances of success – and the six corresponding ways you can avoid those problems yourself and go on to achieve your musical goals.

We recently published a full tutorial on setting and achieving your New Year’s Music Resolutions and as January continues we wanted to make sure you’ve got the help you need to succeed in music this year, so we’ve now turned it into a quick and easy 5-minute guide:

In this short guide you’ll find out the six ways most New Year’s Resolutions fail. You’ll find out the ideal number of goals to set for yourself and how to make sure those goals are well defined. You’ll also discover two critical things you’ll need to help you on your way to that goal.

If you’re currently figuring out what you want to accomplish in music this year, whether it’s to pick up a new instrument, learn to sing in tune, finally find out how to play by ear, or begin to improvise and compose your own music, don’t set your New Year’s Resolutions until you’ve learned these handy guidelines. Take five minutes now to dramatically increase your odds of succeeding in those goals!