Have you ever done this? You perform a piece of music and you make a mistake (or maybe two!) and afterwards you’re like “oh, I ruined it. I really wish I hadn’t made those mistakes”. If so, you are going to love something that’s shared in today’s episode.

Join Christopher and the Next Level coaching team to discover the latest tips, tricks and techniques you can use to advance in your own musical life.

In this episode…

  • Zac shares the power of performance – and a big mindset shift that can make performing more easy and joyful, even if you make a mistake or two!
  • Andy gives a way to instantly see how far you’ve really come, any time you’re getting down about your musical progress.
  • Camilo explains choosing the right “sweet spot” level of repertoire for fast and satisfying progress.
  • And Andrew discusses leveraging your childhood music for playing by ear – and trusting your own ears over look-up-the-chord websites.

All that and more, in this episode of Coaches Corner!

Watch the episode:

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Did you know there's a "sweet spot" when choosing what music to learn? Get it right, and everything will flow much easier for you.