Ear Training Site Profiles

  • Ear Training Site Profile: Good-Ear.com - This is the first in a series of posts looking at some of the valuable ear training resources across the web. We’re starting off with one of the “grand-daddies” of online aural skills training: Good-Ear.com. If you’ve never seen this ear training app before, you might be underwhelmed by the simple design of good-ear.com. But […]
  • Ear Training Site Profile: TrainEar.com - Continuing in our series of ear training site profiles… Interval association is a method of ear training in which you find specific examples of each interval in popular songs, thus giving you a little more context for memorizing each one. This can be especially helpful for those really tricky intervals, but plenty of people like […]
  • DLP Logo Ear Training Site Profile: DLP Music Program - Continuing in our series of ear training site profiles… We’ve covered the Dallas School of Music‘s innovative “Discover, Learn and Play” online training program here on the site before, including a recent guest post by Eugene Cantara from the school. They’ve just launched a totally revamped version of their online music school, ‘DLP’, and we […]
  • Ear Training Site Profile: JazzAdvice.com - Continuing in our series of ear training site profiles… Intro Jazzadvice.com is, unsurprisingly, a blog full of jazz advice. You probably didn’t need this article to tell you that, but the internet’s full of jazz ‘advice’ and you can waste a lot of time browsing blog after blog looking for some legitimately helpful stuff. So […]
  • UPDATE: DLP launches their new Jazz Course! - If you enjoyed the previous two posts in this series, on the DLP online music learning program and JazzAdvice.com, then this update will really get you excited: Today, DLP have launched their Jazz course, complementing their “Kore” introductory course with jazz-specific essentials! Advance your learning with DLP Jazz In our previous post we covered the […]
  • Ear Training Site Profile: Big Ears - Continuing in our series of ear training site profiles… The Big Ears online ear trainer is not complicated. It’s not one of those programs with a million settings, or an overwhelming list of scales and modes. It’s simply an interval trainer. But if you want to work on intervals, the simple approach is often best— […]
  • Ear Training Site Profile: JazzGuitar.be - Continuing in our series of ear training site profiles… Jazzguitar.be is a particularly multifaceted resource for any jazz musician, but it’s a goldmine for guitarists at a beginning to intermediate stage of jazz training. Featuring a dense list of lessons—from basic, general theory to advanced chord and scale concepts specific to the guitar—and a handful […]
  • Ear Training Site Profile: IWasDoingAllRight.com - IWasDoingAllRight.com offers online ear training apps. Unlike some of the other ear training app sites featured in this series though, the site has far more to offer than just these programs. We’ll do another article in future dedicated to the site’s jazz blog but for now we’ll focus on the elements of the site made […]