Open Your Ears

Halloween is coming, slowly creeping up on us. And now, we are giving you the opportunity to open your ears to some haunted music that will give you thrills and chills.


Sam Haynes is a professional composer of Halloween haunt music. He previously wrote a fascinating guest article here on Easy Ear Training providing insight into the pro techniques of horror music with his CD Welcome to the Horror Show. Today we’ll listen in to five tracks from his new compilation offering royalty-free Halloween music (meaning you can use it in your own projects for free).

Brace yourself to get served with some music that will surely give you shivers down your spine!

Evil Calls

Boom! Get the volume up as your guests and friends stop by your house.

This opening bass drum hit is a good surprise factor to give your friends the scare of their life! Among your pumpkin decor and dim lights, the minor piano riff and pounding beat of the drums is perfect combination for a thrilling, heart-pounding halloween party atmosphere. Want to add more fright and fun? Turn off the lights and make sure you got some glow-in-the-dark skeletons hanging in every corner!


Ghouls, walking zombies, and vampires would not be complete without this added into the package. What more do you need to get the (terrifying) party started?

This track takes an eerie theremin-powered beginning to a whole new level by adding a ghostly echo effect and some electronic atmosphere by adding synth pads and reverb. It’s like the ghost is travelling in all corners of your ears. This dance beat makes me re-imagine the “Thriller” dance moves of Michael Jackson, strutting some zombie dance. I’d love to see that video remix!

The Clown

Not only the title terrifies me, but also this music…

You can feel the tension piling up from the very beginning, and even at the part when there’s nothing but total silence–an unnerving silence! Just when you think it’s over…

The musical effect of a synthesized choir singing in the background creates an insidious mix, conjuring up frightful music to our ears. You can hear the beating of the drum as if synchronizing with your own terrified heartbeat. This short music track is a perfectly balanced Halloween music track you should include in all your Halloween playlists.

Mischief Night

If you want to get your guests comfortable but still keep them in a Halloween mood, this is the perfect music to play.

It’s not that terrifying but it’s far from boring as well. The keyboard has a 1960’s feel, like some haunted music from a grand organ in a haunted old empty mansion. Later on the twinkling glockenspiel could come from any era. But the 80s drum beat and the synthesizers towards the end make the track feel a bit more modern too.

I am sure Dracula would be delighted to have this playing at his party!


This one opens with slow, haunting sustained notes on a synthesizer with some crackly vinyl-like noise in the background.

My favorite part in this track is the distorted guitar riff. It’s like a rock-and-roll version of Halloween music that should keep everyone in the party alive and kicking until the morning light. Make your party music otherworldly by adding this one to your playlist. The bass and the rocking drumbeat is a surefire boredom killer for your Halloween party this year!

No occasion or season is complete without music! Halloween is a perfect time of the year to showcase some cryptic yet creative music. Sam Hayne’s combination of sci-fi synths, out of this world beats, and enchanting ear-goodies is a must have this Halloween! Head on over to his music site and pick up a copy of this royalty-free music and then explore his other great albums next to ensure your Halloween sounds better than ever.

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