Open Your Ears

5 Song Set LogoWe can’t get enough of the 5 Song Set podcast! New to this series? This podcast features five songs in every episode on a particular theme, and it’s the perfect way to stretch your ears in a new direction and expand your horizons as a musician. Any time you need fresh inspiration, just grab an episode and get listening!

So here I am again with an ear-pleasing-and-stretching set of songs. Today’s episode features songs that are full of life.

These songs will be my go-to playlist for a morning walk or when you are at the beach looking at the sunset. Or if you want to just feel the air and go on a roadtrip, these songs are a must-have!

1. Kavka Airlines by Lesní zvěř.


For our first song, Kavka Airlines by Lesní zvěř, the first few words of the song:

“So now you get up…”

The tempo of this song would make you open your eyes, jump out of your bed and get excited about the day ahead. Close your eyes for a bit during the first verse, and try to listen in to the piano and the drums. It’s such a perfect combo that makes us smile and look forward to the day. And that uplifting wind solo – is it a flute? This song is like a caffeinated music shot, perfect for the early morning rush!

Раз и навсегда/Once and For All by Китти Льюис


In this second song, Раз и навсегда/Once and For All by Китти Льюис can you hear the angelic backup vocals? The robotic twisting noises?

It’s a futuristic, angelic, yet classical type of rock-and-roll. It’s an artistic and creative collaboration of strings, electric guitar, and rap – all in the right places at the right times. I definitely love the violin at 3:14 with the (something like) TV playing in the background. It’s like all the sights and sounds of a busy morning in a typical house, infused with beautiful music. заводной !

Tonight by Morad Stars


Our third song is Tonight by Morad Stars. As this song playlist is all about having a full life, this song fits in just right.

As the chorus goes “Yes tonight!” it’s like remembering the first day to college, the first day of work, the first day you said “yes” to life!

The song sounds like a combination of all the good music from the Beach Boys and today. The guitar is your ticket to a peaceful and relaxed afternoon drive. I highly recommend this in your travel playlist!

Desdramatizando by Niño Crudo


Our fourth song Desdramatizando by Niño Crudo to me is… Tinkling and twinkling! There’s a happy sensation in the melody of this song. It might be short and not as grand as the other songs in the playlist but it’s catchy and interesting. Interesting because it has quite a different character than the rest. Yeah, I can do my happy walk with this one!

The Call by Kobo Town


The fifth and final song in this set, The Call by Kobo Town, is a perfect way to end the song set. This is Caribbean music with trombones! I was nodding my head throughout the song along with the beat.

I can imagine the warm sea breeze and the smile of the people enjoying the glorious summer sun. The trombones, the guitar, the percussion, and the vocals are a perfect mixture of Caribbean and its beautiful countries. This song is not just full of life, but it highlights its culture and deep roots.

Today’s episode made me more excited to hear different sounds from all the corners of the world. It’s amazing to know that we are all able to produce and enjoy music about our lives, our colorful cultures, our rich histories, our stories and our characters.

Music is the one thing which can be so universally powerful. A simple melody can create an impact on our daily lives. It’s a good thing we have our ears and our hearts to fill with music! And our souls and lives to channel our energy through. Until next time…

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