Today on the show we’re excited to be joined by one of London’s leading cabaret performers, Fiona-Jane Weston. Fiona-Jane has created and performed several highly-acclaimed cabaret shows in the UK and internationally, including “Wartime Women”, about the roles women have historically played in warfare and “Looking For Lansbury”, celebrating the life, heritage and career of actress Angela Lansbury.

Cabaret is a performing art that we’ve enjoyed but never really known a ton about and we were really curious to see what an expert like Fiona-Jane might be able to share, since it would likely channel musicality in a different form than that of a performing musician. It really lived up to that expectation, there were some really interesting ideas here that we haven’t talked about on the show before.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • What defines cabaret, and what makes for “good” cabaret
  • Story-telling through song, the importance of it both in cabaret and in music more generally, and
  • Connecting with your audience and what we can learn from the uniquely intimate environment of cabaret

Something that came out of our discussion that we weren’t expecting was why cabaret might be more accessible to you, or any passionate amateur musician, than you might have imagined…

Listen to the episode:

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Musical U sits down with acclaimed cabaret performer Fiona-Jane Weston to discuss storytelling through song and the power of connecting to your audience.