Musical UToday we are proud and excited to announce the next generation of ear training. It’s called Musical U and it’s a new website and community, designed to tackle the major problems which hold musicians back, while providing all the resources and support you need to truly succeed in music.

Musical U has been created based on our years of experience helping people to become more musical.

What we learned was that even with the best tools and resources, most musicians still fail to reach their true musical potential. In fact, many get bored or frustrated, feel isolated and stuck, and often end up giving up on ear training – or even quitting music altogether.

We were determined to fix this problem, and we knew that just creating more training material or better apps wasn’t going to be enough.

Through our community here at and the direct email correspondence with thousands of students over the last few years, it was clear that despite the huge variety of backgrounds and aspirations musicians have, there were a few core problems which caused them to stumble and fall short of their potential:

  1. They didn’t know how to set truly effective goals.
  2. They never created a step-by-step plan to reach those goals.
  3. They lacked the support and guidance they needed to follow through.

Although each of these problems is serious and complex, it turns out there is a simple solution which tackles all three: not being alone.

How to Succeed in Ear Training

Most musicians who try to learn to be more musical (meaning playing by ear, improvising, creating their own music, improving their singing, and so on) do it solo. They try to find good learning material, but then they study in isolation. The major problem here is that it’s hard to maintain motivation, and when you get stuck you don’t know how to fix the problem.

We saw that the students who really succeeded with Easy Ear Training were the ones who reached out for help and got advice and support when they needed it. Even when they were shy or not naturally the type to participate online, it was the students that connected with others who really got results.

So with Musical U we set out to create a new approach to ear training and becoming more musical:

  • An approach that doesn’t just lay down a single “one size fits all” course (here’s why!) but instead provides the very best training resources in a flexible way which lets each student choose their own personalised route to their goals.
  • An approach that combines the resources you need with a friendly, supportive community who are on the same journey as you and can offer advice, tips and encouragement to help you stay on track.
  • An approach which provides access to expert help whenever you need it, so that no problem is so big you can’t overcome it.

Instead of selling individual training products and then leaving the student to fend for themselves, at Musical U we’re offering the full set of training materials along with the ongoing support you need – all as part of a very affordable monthly membership.

Musical U opened to a small group of “early access” members a few weeks ago, but we only officially launched this week.

Already the community is alive with discussion and members are finding that despite having hugely varied backgrounds they all share a common passion for music and burning desire to reach their musical potential.

Members have been using the goal-setting and planning tools in Musical U to create personal training plans, and then sharing them with the community in their progress journals, letting them share their successes and get advice from other members and the Musical U team to help make their training even more effective.

Here are a few quotes from our members (anonymised for privacy):

Tone Deafness

Ear Expansion

Musicality Status Check

Planning For Success

Ear Training Essentials

As you can see, Musical U is already buzzing!

To celebrate the launch and reward those members who help us kickstart the community, we’re offering a special reduced membership pricing for out “Foundation” members. Join before Sunday night and you can lock in this low membership rate for as long as you stay with Musical U.

Click here for full details of the Foundation membership offer

If you’ve ever struggled in your musical training, and wished there was a solution that went beyond just providing you with a few lessons and leaving it at that – then I hope you’ll check out Musical U.

We’re so excited to launch this new generation of ear training which can help so many more people to truly reach their musical potential – and become the musician they’ve always dreamed of being.