EasyEarTraining.com iOS appToday we are delighted to announce the release of our new ear training app for iPhone and iPad, providing all the resources of EasyEarTraining.com in convenient mobile form.

Available as a free download from iTunes now!

Over the last few years we’ve published over 300 articles, answered over 50 FAQs and created special resources like downloads and ear training exercises to help you learn ear training.

Today we’re taking it a step further, with the release of a dedicated app for iPhone and iPad.

The EasyEarTraining.com App

The new EasyEarTraining.com app provides quick and convenient access to all our free ear training resources. You can read articles and tutorials on over a dozen different ear training topics, including the musical listening examples and video tutorials. If you have a problem spot or burning question you can explore the FAQs for each topic to see if others have been having the same problem and what the answer is.

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How it works

First, download the app from the iTunes App Store for free and add it to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Then, simply open the app and dive in!

The home screen shows the most recent articles, and the app automatically updates with each week’s new content.

Use the app menu to explore all the resources available

Use the menu at the top to access other parts of the app:

  • Explore over a dozen ear training topics
  • Read answers to the Frequently Asked Questions in ear training
  • Study with 13 different training series
  • Register for our free ear training course
Learn ear training on your iOS device


  • Leave comments to give feedback and get help
  • Bookmark your favourite articles for easy offline access
  • Share with friends via Twitter or Facebook.

If you’ve already downloaded the app, we hope you’ll enjoy exploring all the resources available to help you improve your musical ear.

And if you haven’t grabbed it yet – what are you waiting for? Download the free iOS app today!

P.S. We haven’t forgotten you, Android lovers! We’ve got something for you on its way very soon…