On the show today we’re joined by Leila Viss, author of the 88PianoKeys.me blog and the book “The iPad Piano Studio”. In her own piano studio Leila specialises in helping students be more creative on keyboard and together with Bradley Sowash at 88 Creative Keys she runs workshops and provides online training to help other teachers to empower their students creatively.

As you’ll hear in this episode, Leila knows from personal experience what it’s like to not feel creative as a musician, and to learn it step-by-step in a practical way and it was fascinating to hear how she did this and how she now helps others to do the same.

In this conversation Leila shares:

  • Three pivotal experiences that opened up a route for her to become more creative
  • Why it might be okay to steal from musicians you admire – and what it means to “steal like an artist”
  • One simple exercise she uses with her students to help them start being creative on the keyboard

We find Leila really inspiring in how she approaches playing and teaching music, and we think you’re going to enjoy hearing the specific ways as well as the overall mindset that have enabled her and her students to transform from on-page sheet music readers into free and creative musicians.

Listen to the episode:

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88 Piano Keys' Leila Viss discusses how to explore creativity in music, and the value of "stealing" ideas you love and applying them to your practice.