Are you ready to target the bad habits that demolish your capacity to play and sing well? This is how musicians ruin their potential for mastery:

  1. reading notation with lazy, shortcut-ridden methods
  2. memorizing too soon
  3. performing music with imperfectly constructed muscle memory

Problems 1 and 2 conspire to construct Problem 3, which is the annihilator of good music and the guarantor of false starts, fumbled notes, and flawed sounds. Let’s explore tactics for identifying, eliminating, and replacing them.

A wilderness of wasted potential and unrealized goals awaits any musician that ignores these destroyers of mastery. If you can abolish them from your practice habits, then you may emerge from that wilderness and realize your musical ambitions.

Solving the Riddle of Notation and Memory

When confronted with the reality of what the human brain is