Have you ever wished you were a “natural” in music? Someone who could play whatever they hear or imagine – freely, easily and confidently?

If so, you might have wondered if it is actually possible to become someone like that – and if so, how?

Become a natural musicianOver the years at Easy Ear Training we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people to become more naturally musical. They’ve developed skills like playing melodies and chords by ear, improvising on their instrument, singing confidently and accurately in tune, and creating their own songs and tracks to express their own musical ideas.

We’re always delighted to hear from someone who’s used our resources to become more musical, and with Musical U we’ve created a comprehensive and effective training system to help even more people even faster.


Throughout it all we’ve found that people are still struggling with these two major questions:

  1. Can I really become a natural musician?
  2. How can I do it?

Finally, we can give you an answer to both of these with our new Course Finder.

Just answer a few easy questions and we’ll quickly be able to tell you which of our free music courses is the perfect match to help you become more musical.

These courses all start from the basics and take you step-by-step so you’ll know the route ahead of you, solving problem #2. And because each one is short (5-10 days) you’ll very quickly know the answer to problem #1 too.

You’ll come away confident that yes, you can become a natural musician and you’ll know how to do it.

Not sure yet if it’s right for you? Read on…

Becoming a natural musician

Is there anything better than an incredible music performance?

When we go to an amazing concert or we see a truly world-class performer play it can be hugely inspiring… but if you’re a musician yourself it can be a bit intimidating too.

If you’re anything like most musicians you see a great performance and thoughts pop into your head like “Wow! I could never do that” or “I wish I was a natural like them”.

We’ve all grown up with the myth of musical “talent” keeping us from our true potential. It turns out that the idea you have to be born “gifted” to be an amazing musician is pure nonsense.

Let’s look at a few specific examples:

  • Playing A Tune You’ve Just Heard: It’s an impressive skill, showing off a deep instinctive connection with your instrument. But, it is 100% logical and learnable by developing your sense of relative pitch.
  • Playing Chords By Ear: A dream of many guitarists, being able to play any song someone requests at a gig or party. Totally magical if you don’t understand how it’s done. Totally simple once you understand some basic concepts and do a bit of practice.
  • Improvising Killer Solos: It’s a core jazz skill and important for lead guitarists and all kinds of other musicians too. Being able to create great-sounding music on the fly seems like the pinnacle of natural musicality. But ask any great improviser and they’ll tell you: they learned how to do it, step by step, training their brain and their ears.
  • Singing: Being able to sing clearly and confidently, always in tune seems like a fundamental human ability: you can either do it or you can’t, right? Wrong. Singing in tune and having a good voice are both learned skills and if you haven’t learned them already it’s certainly not too late.
  • Writing Songs: It’s true that the very best songs and chart hits can seem like they’ve come from a song-writer gifted with divine inspiration. But before every hit comes a thousand failures, and every successful song writer has learned their craft by developing their inner musicality.

So if all those skills which seem to indicate a “natural” ability with music are learnable, what holds us back?

Well, for one thing we’re worried that it will take too long or it’s too late for us (particularly if you’re learning music in retirement for example).

In fact, we’ve seen at Musical U that it doesn’t take very much training before people start to experience that yes, they actually can develop those skills of “natural” musicianship. It’s exciting to see it happen again and again, and watch our members go on to achieve great things they never thought they could.

So it might take you years to truly master what you want to – but it certainly won’t be more than a few weeks before you start to see your natural musicality coming out.

The other thing which holds us back is that problem #2 I mentioned before: not knowing where to start, or how to become more musical…

How to become more musical

In an ideal world there would be a simple answer for this. A proven step-by-step plan which could make anyone an incredible natural musician.

What is the best ear training methodUnfortunately as we’ve discussed on this site before there can be no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming more musical.

Why not?

Because every musician is different.

We’re all coming to this challenge with different abilities, instruments, understanding, music tastes, aspirations and dreams.

Plus, the final goal is different in each case. A quick look at the example skills listed above should make that clear: there are simply too many aspects to becoming a true natural which matter more or less to each person for any one plan to work universally.

The plan that works perfectly for one person won’t necessarily work well for someone else.

The good news is that there is still a plan that will work for each person – it just needs to be the right plan for them. That’s why at Musical U we don’t prescribe fixed ear training courses – instead we help each member to develop their own personal training plan and support them to follow through on it and reach their goals.

Okay, so a personal plan is the solution. But what about that first step? How do you even know where to start?

When we launched EasyEarTraining.com in 2010 this was easy to answer. We had a couple of apps and a few training series. People could either find the right match or we couldn’t help them.

Now, with almost 500 articles and tutorials here on the site, a variety of products, and our flagship training site Musical U it’s easy for the new visitor to get overwhelmed and confused about where to start. We almost certainly have something which could help them – but it can be hard for them to find it. We often get frustrated emails about exactly this, people wanting to know where to start and what’s right for them.

Which brings us back to the new tool I mentioned at the start of this post.

Our new Course Finder provides a quick and easy way to get exactly the right free training course to become more musical.

It covers the major areas we’ve seen people want to pursue in becoming more musical, so it can help you whether you:

  • Haven’t started learning music yet
  • Have been learning for a while
  • Are a pro looking to improve further
  • Play an instrument
  • Sing
  • Don’t do either yet
  • Want to play-by-ear
  • Want to improvise
  • Want to write songs
  • or something else…
  • Are a total technology geek
  • or can only handle email!

There’s no risk to you: the courses are provided for free and if you decide it’s not working out you can unsubscribe with a single click.

Just answer a few quick questions about yourself and your musical life and you’ll get your ideal course recommended instantly.

If you love music and have ever wished you could be more musical, don’t you owe it to yourself to find out if it’s really possible, and take that first step? This is the easiest way to get started today. Find your course now!

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