Today on The Musicality Podcast, we’re joined by Ged Brockie, founder of the Guitar and Music Institute, a website which provides original and curated content to help guitarists develop their skills – and, as you’ll learn in this conversation, also provides insights and education useful to any musician.

Playing multiple instruments can both broaden and deepen your understanding of music, and is one of the best things you can do for your musicality. In that spirit, even if you’re not a guitarist yourself you’ll want to stay tuned, as Ged’s story and perspective on learning music is still going to be very interesting and relevant for you.

Ged has been a professional musician for over thirty years, performing throughout the UK and Europe. He’s helped develop courses for higher education, launched a summer school and a music festival, and composed original music for television, theatre, and film.

Somehow, amongst all of that he’s also found the time to:

  • Publish the “Fastline” series of guitar tutor books teaching jazz, blues, rock and more
  • Write a book with accompanying tutorial videos called Drop Two Voicings Uncovered
  • Create a huge website at
  • Launch the GMI podcast earlier this year

Ged is a great storyteller, and in this conversation we talked a bit about his early beginnings in music, what it was like growing up as a musician in Scotland in the 80s, how things have changed in terms of learning music and performing, and his perspective on what’s good and bad about the current status quo in music education.

He shared his opinion on whether there’s such a thing as musical “talent” (and if so, how important it is), the most important thing you can do while studying music to turn you into a real musician, how learning music is like learning a language, and the connection between theory, technique and musicality.

We also talk about a man smashing a bus stop.

We hope you enjoy this wide-ranging and illuminating conversation with Ged!

Listen to the episode:

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Professional musician and innovative music educator Ged Brockie shares his advice for resisting shortcuts and learning an instrument - the right way.