It can be hard to find good quality, reliable information and resources for learning music online. Despite the thousands of videos and tutorials you can find by Googling, if you want a more structured course designed by experts you normally have to pay. And it’s even harder if you’re interested in the “inner skills” of music like playing by ear, improvising, or singing in tune.

That’s why we’ve developed 5 free music courses you can take, covering topics that are essential for all musicians.

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Note: You can take as many of the courses as you like, but to keep things manageable and help you make progress we recommend taking these courses one at a time.

Ear Training Crash Course

Ear Training Crash CourseEar training is the key to true musicality, unlocking your potential to play songs easily by ear with no sheet music, to write your own music, and to improvise freely and confidently on your instrument. It allows you to actually understand what you hear when you listen to music, and then use that understanding when playing your instrument.

We’ve found that one of the biggest hurdles students typically hit with ear training is to dive in (e.g. practising interval exercises) without understanding the bigger picture and planning their training to meet their musical goals. As a result they get bored, or frustrated, and give up.

So the Ear Training Crash Course is designed to give you a clear sense of how ear training will help you, which topics to pursue, and what resources you can use to begin actively training.

Want to be an amazing musician? Don’t start ear training until you’ve taken the Crash Course!

Fix Your Ears

Fix Your Ears and Become More MusicalHave you ever worried that you don’t have a good ear for music?

Ear training can help with that – but it turns out that a lack of ear training is often only part of the problem.

The “Fix Your Ears” course explains the various issues which can cause you to feel you have a “bad ear” for music, and shows you how to tackle each one of them.

Play Chords By Ear

Chord Progressions ear trainingBy far the biggest skill which musicians practice ear training for is being able to play chords by ear.

Maybe you’re a guitar player who’s tired of having to always look up the chords to every song you want to play.

Maybe you’re a sax player who wants to be able to improvise solos to match the chord progression.

Or maybe you’re a song writer who wants to understand how the best songs work so that you can create compelling progressions for your own songs.

Being able to listen to a song and know what chords are being played is a key skill for all musicians.

This mini-course will get you started the right way and in just 6 days you will have played 3 popular songs by ear yourself!

Learn to Sing in Tune

Ear Training for SingingWhether or not you consider yourself “a singer”, it’s an unescapable fact that being able to sing in tune is essential for every musician.

Singing in tune shows that you have good ears and good control of your voice. It allows you to easily and directly express your own musical ideas to communicate with other musicians, and it helps you more quickly develop your instinctive understanding of music.

You may worry that you’re tone deaf or simply have a “bad voice”. This short course will help you break past those barriers and realise your true potential in singing.

7 Shortcuts to Musical Confidence

confidenceAs you develop your inner musicality there is still one big hurdle you’re likely to face: lack of confidence.

It can take a long time to become truly confident in your musical abilities, and until you do every performance can be scary and nerve-wracking.

Fortunately there are actually some powerful shortcuts you can use to build confidence much faster.

This course will teach you these practical techniques and help you to quickly become much more confident in music.

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