Assistant Editor

The Role

We produce music education resources, publishing free material and offering more in-depth training modules inside a paid membership site.

We have always aimed for an extremely high standard – both in terms of “correctness” and overall quality, and in making sure the material always reflects our easy, accessible and inclusive attitude to music learning.

As we have scaled up the volume of material we produce, we’ve reached the need for an assistant editor on our team: someone who can help ensure that our high quality standard continues to be met as our offering expands and improves.

The core responsibility is to act as assistant editor for our educational articles.

We publish 5 articles per week and these need to be checked for:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Clear communication (fixing narrative flow, section headings, etc.)
  • Musical correctness (e.g. noticing that the example of a I-IV-V progression talks about C, F♯ and G chords)

This work is mostly about fixing errors and tidying up prose – but there may also be cases where an extra sentence or even a short section is required to improve the article, and you should have the musical expertise and writing skill to be able to fill that in.

The role also includes preparing articles for publication by handling formatting and layout inside WordPress. This includes simple text formatting, but also multimedia work, for example creating a “featured image” for each article and embedding images and audio clips in the article which include them. We will provide training on this, so you need to be confident with technology but don’t need particular existing multimedia skills.

Over time its possible your role would expand into helping with content inside the membership site.

Our company is considered cutting edge in online marketing and this is a great opportunity to learn from the inside how modern content marketing works, as well as developing specific concrete transferrable skills.

Candidate Requirements

To be a good fit for this role you would be:

  • A musician. You don’t need to be a pro – but you do love and play music.
  • A great communicator. You have excellent written English and attention to detail so you’ll include the word funk in your application and point out the two typos on this page.
  • Self-motivated and good at finding your own solutions.
  • Excited about the opportunity to apply the skills you’ve learned to a topic you’re passionate about and continue to learn and improve your expertise.

Job Terms

This is a part-time fully-remote role requiring roughly 10 hours per week to begin with.

Your working hours are flexble and you can work from any location that is convenient for you. We communicate primarily via Slack (online group chat), with a short weekly video call.

You will be working with our Content Editor who will provide training and guidance. He has been carrying out these duties so knows them inside-out, and he’s a friendly and helpful guy.

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