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Become More Musical

Do you love music?

Musical U can help you to become more musical.

Learn to:

  • Play notes and chords by ear, easily and instinctively.
  • Improvise powerful solos, reliably and confidently.
  • Truly understand what you hear, and create amazing music yourself.

Read on to learn more about how Musical U works, or select one of the following options to preview what Musical U could do for you:

I play…

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Maybe you play the sax, want to improvise, or something completely different?

Musical U provides a fully-flexible training system, allowing you to create your own personalised training plan to exactly suit your musical needs.

Read on to find out what Musical U could do for you…

“I find these modules to be pedagogically sound, well-organized, and designed for the user to work at their own pace. These modules, combined with the staff and community support, are effective tools for an individualized music theory and ear training education.

Musical U’s experienced staff members are regularly involved, monitoring people’s achievements, offering advice and coaching, and highlighting people’s accomplishments. Adding a human factor to online learning is an important factor to motivating site users to stay active, and Musical U does this well.”

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Thomas J. West

Independent review of Musical U by music education expert Thomas J. West.

Thomas J West

You love music.

But you don’t feel truly musical.

Have you ever seen one of those “natural” musicians?

The ones who can improvise, play by ear, jam with other musicians.

It all seems to come so easy to them…


You can imagine what it would be like to play music with that kind of freedom: a natural intuition for what will sound great.

But it feels like there’s an enormous gap between that vision – and your reality.

However much you practice your instrument and try to learn more about music, that gap just doesn’t seem to be closing. You still can’t play by ear, you still can’t improvise, and the idea of joining a group to play music you don’t already know just sounds scary.

You’re utterly dedicated to music.

… So why can’t you do those things?

It’s not just you who feels this frustration.

In fact millions of people (including most trained musicians) around the world face the same problem. Despite hours and hours of dedicated practice, despite becoming proficient on their instruments, most musicians are still secretly frustrated and embarrassed, because they don’t feel like they’re truly musical.

Music still seems like a “black box”. They know how to play the right notes, but they don’t really understand what makes them the right notes – or how to choose their own notes to play.

It feels like there’s some huge hidden barrier between the musician they are and the musician they dream of being. And that goes double for those people who haven’t even started learning music yet.


We’ve talked to hundreds upon hundreds of musicians facing that barrier. We’ve talked to them about their doubts, fears and frustrations. And although every musician is different, they all have one thing in common: this big frustrating question of:

“Why am I not more musical?”

There’s good news for every one of these people: It’s not a lost cause. It is not hopeless. You don’t need to be born gifted to be a “natural” musician.

  • You can learn to express yourself through music, playing songs easily by ear and improvising powerful music on-the-fly.
  • You can learn to harness your own first instrument (your voice), to sing reliably, confidently, perfectly in tune.
  • You can learn to jam with other musicians freely and confidently.

How do we know?

Because we’ve helped over one million people to uncover their inner musicality and learn the concrete skills they need to be the musician they dream of being.

I have noticed a change in perception when not even actively listening, but even just hearing music and noting the underlying progression.

Music I am familiar with takes on a new dimension. I have been listening to the radio recently whilst driving, and the progressions just seem to pop out of nowhere!


Member, Musical U

Becoming musical today is easier than it’s ever been

In the past, the traditional methods of musicianship training were very classical and theory-based. They were dry, repetitive, and often simply unmusical.

And that’s for the students who were lucky enough to get taught it at all! Most instrument teachers still don’t teach the core skills of musicality.

These days there are thousands of resources available, from websites to training albums to interactive apps, which can all help you learn the skills you need. In fact we’ve created some of the most popular ones ourselves.

But it turns out that having excellent resources isn’t enough.

Time and time again we’ve heard from musicians who have the resources – but still struggle.

  • They don’t have time
  • They’re not sure how to use the resources effectively
  • They don’t know what to do next
  • They’ve got stuck on something and don’t know how to start making progress again

The result: they get confused, bored, and frustrated – and they give up.

It’s not enough to have good training material.

You need guidance. Not just from experts but from people like you too, those who are a bit further along the same path.

You need structure. Some way to put the material to use in your life, in a way that fits the time you have while still delivering the results you want.

You need support. To get you started, to keep you motivated, to congratulate you – and to keep you on the right course.

Through helping hundreds of people 1-on-1 over the last few years we know that to really succeed with their training, they need to be working in the right environment. That means having access to a community of experts and like-minded friends who are pursuing the same goal.

It’s not enough to have a good community

There are plenty of musicians who have musical friends but still never make progress. There are countless music majors and conservatoire musicians who spend their time surrounded by musicians but still never reach their musical potential.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is important – but that alone won’t make you more musical.

Just look at free forums for musicians online. There’s plenty of enthusiasm and information. But how much do the musicians there really improve? Does the “community” really inspire, guide, and support them? Or is it just providing entertainment?

So what does work?




The combination of having the best training resources and the right community around you is vastly more powerful than either one alone.

It’s true that you need excellent training materials. You need the educational material to explain the concepts, you need the practice exercises to develop your skills, you need the tools for personal planning and progress tracking. These are all essential.

But you also need the right environment.

A community of people who bring out the best in you. Who help you to get clarity on your goals, make the right plan for reaching them, and stick with that plan over time.

We’ve seen that the people who truly succeed in becoming musical are those who have both the training resources and the right community.

It’s like playing in a band with other musicians: you can create much better music together than any one of you could alone.

When you belong to a group of people on the same journey as you, something magical happens. You inspire each other, you learn from each other, and you all contribute to each other’s success. You learn from those further along the journey than you, and in time you learn enough to start helping those who are following behind you.

So where can you find that magic combination of training resources with the ideal community for becoming more musical?



Musical U

Musical U is the only place dedicated to helping you become more musical which provides all the resources you need in an environment that ensures you succeed.

At Musical U we understand that burning desire to be a great musician. To enjoy the freedom and confidence of being a “natural”.

And we know how to get you there.

At its heart, Musical U is a community of musicians. From around the world, at every ability level, playing every instrument and genre of music. But with one big thing in common: all being on the same journey to become more musical.

But as we know, it’s not enough to just have this fantastic group of like-minded people around you.

That’s why we’re opening up the full library of musical training materials we’ve developed over the last 5 years, to make sure you have everything you need to truly succeed.

Musical U is like an opportunity to go back to college and major in music – but MUCH easier to pay for!

Carol F.

Member, Musical U

This isn’t a course.

Plenty of websites offer online courses. Lots of companies will sell you books, or albums, or apps. Some of those even have forums or chat rooms attached.

Maybe you’ve tried some of these yourself?

If you have, you’ll have encountered the problem…

The problem is that every musician is different:

  • Different ability levels: maybe you know music theory, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re an instrumental whizz, maybe you haven’t started learning yet.
  • Different interests: maybe you want to play chords by ear, maybe you want to improvise freely, maybe you want to learn to sing in tune and join a choir.
  • Different instruments and genres: maybe you’re a rock guitarist, maybe you sing opera, maybe you’re a classical double bassist who wants to start playing jazz.

This variety means that no single course can ever work for everybody. “One size fits all” ends up fitting nobody!

At Musical U, the path you take is up to you.

We take the free spirit of playing by ear and improvising – and apply it to how you actually learn those skills.

We believe in letting you decide:

  • Where you want to go
  • How you want to get there
  • When you want to practice
  • If and when your plan needs adjustments

You might be thinking that actually sounds too flexible – can it really work?

Yes, and the secret is that we don’t just say “do what you like!”

  • We give you the best tools and resources
  • We give you tools to plan your training and decide which resources to use and how
  • We provide exactly the right amount of structure to support you in following through on your plan
  • We are a supportive understanding group of people like you, who will be with you every step along the way

The result:
Ultimate flexibility – but with everything you need to actually succeed.

Once you have the best training materials and the right community around you, you’re poised for success.

But there’s still one risk: what if you encounter a problem which the community can’t help you solve?

That’s why at Musical U we add one more crucial piece: Access to experts.

Expert Help When You Need It

Through discussions on the site, a monthly live Q&A session, and priority 1-to-1 email support, you have access to a range of experts who can answer your questions and help you break through any barriers you encounter on your journey.

With this combination of top-quality training materials, a supportive community of like-minded musicians, and access to expert help when you need it, you are sure to succeed at Musical U.

I am so excited today. It was the first time in five years that I started to feel confident that I could consistently differentiate between all the intervals. It felt like I finally found the key that opened the long-closed door.

Thank you for this site to make the progress possible.


Member, Musical U

Musical U Membership Includes:

Training Modules

Over 40 Modules of high-quality in-depth musical training, based on the popular and proven approach created by Easy Ear Training.

→ Preview Modules

A Supportive Community

A community of passionate musicians who are all on the same journey you are. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, get friendly personal support and answers to your burning questions – from people who really understand.

Access to Experts

Expert help any time you need it. At Musical U you can ask a range of experts for help on anything you’re struggling with and get detailed personal answers.

Powerful Planning

Specialised planning tools to assess your musical skills, identify and define your true goals, and create a practical effective plan for reaching them quickly.

Interactive Training

Over 200 interactive quizzes to test and improve your abilities. There’s no need to wonder whether you’ve really learned everything each training module can teach you. Know for sure by practising and then acing the quizzes.

Progress Tracking

Track your progress and actually see yourself improving. As you train in Musical U you’ll earn points and awards which show you just how far your skills have developed.

How to join Musical U

At Musical U we’re committed to supporting you throughout your new journey of becoming more musical.

And although the training material alone is worth close to $1000 and the value of the community and expert help is worth far more than that, we want Musical U to be available and affordable for anybody who dreams of musicality.

That’s why we’re offering membership at a low monthly rate. In fact it costs less than the cost of a single music lesson.

To join Musical U just choose between Regular and Premium membership, and whether you want to pay monthly or just once a year (getting 12 months for the price of 10).

All Musical U members get access to the full set of training material, including the interactive quizzes and progress tracking, plus full community access and may join the monthly Q&A webinar.

If you’re looking for more in-depth help with your training you can choose Premium membership which also includes:

  • A personal “quickstart” call (via telephone or Skype) to help you make the most of your membership
  • A monthly training plan to suit your abilities and goals, created just for you by one of our expert team
  • Access to the recordings of all past webinars
  • Priority support for your training via a dedicated email address

Training Modules

Musical U provides over 40 training modules to help you develop your musicality:



Community Discussion Boards

Discuss your musical life and get help and advice on your latest training.

By joining the community discussions you’ll discover more about music, find others who are going through a similar learning process to you, and get the advice and support you need to keep improving.

Monthly Q&A Call

Your chance to get live expert help on any challenges you’re facing.

Every month the Musical U team hosts a live “Q&A” session which all members can attend to ask questions and get personalised advice.

Monthly Q&A

Members Are Saying:

I am absolutely loving Musical U. There is so much to explore. It is a gem for folks who want to get more musical. I am so happy that I am a part of this!

Puja V.

Musical U teaches clearly and simply. The lessons are upbeat (no pun intended!) and encouraging, making the student feel that their goals are attainable.

Melissa B.

I think Musical U is wonderful! I am loving the site and already making progress with my chord progression ear training. My training plan is keeping me on track and motivated to train every day. I will certainly be sending my musically inclined friends and relatives towards Musical U.

Josh A.

Join Musical U

If you feel that deep love of music, and the burning desire to be more naturally musical, we want you to join us.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried and failed in the past. It doesn’t matter what frustrations and barriers you’ve experienced.

All that matters is that you want to become more musical.

It won’t happen overnight. It will take effort and determination. But you’ll have access to all the very best training resources you need, and every step along the way you’ll be surrounded by a supportive community of people on the same journey, who can help you with any problems you encounter.

This isn’t just another lesson, book or course. For the first time, there is a full solution that practically ensures you truly reach your musical goals.

Imagine truly understanding the music you love. Imagine being able to express your own musical ideas easily and confidently. Imagine having other people look at you and assume you were one of those “naturals”, born with a musical gift.

Join us at Musical U, and become the musician you’ve always dreamed of being.

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The thing which makes Musical U great is I can ring-fence what I want to focus on, lock the gate and plan how I’m going to tackle the subject, dividing the task into manageable bite-sized pieces.

And have an army of well-wishers to help me walk the line. Genius.


Member, Musical U