Ear Training Essentials

Ear Training Essentials

Learn how ear training is an essential part of becoming more musical.

After completing this module: you will understand how ear training will benefit you as a musician and how to get started.

Do you look around and see others who seem to be able to play music by ear, improvise, sing in tune and create their own music, seemingly effortlessly? You might have wondered if those people have a gift. If they are somehow just special, blessed with a talent for music that you don’t seem to have.

In fact, the reality is that anyone can learn the musical abilities necessary to be one of those “naturals”. The secret lies not in your fingers, or how much you practice your instrument… but in your ears.

Great musicians have great ears.

And the secret to great ears? A process that has been used by every professional, which has been proven over countless decades and is something you can start using yourself, today: ear training.

The Ear Training Essentials module is an all-in-one guide to modern ear training.

Unfortunately the traditional methods for ear training tend to be boring, tedious… and ultimately ineffective. In this module you’ll discover the modern methods, tools and techniques for doing proper ear training, while keeping it fun and rewarding.

The 6 lessons quickly get you up to speed with all the key aspects of ear training, and arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to begin effective ear training today.

Of course with the focus on your ears, it’s only natural that you might want to listen instead of reading. So the whole module is also available as an audiobook.

Module Preview

What is Ear Training?

In this introductory lesson you’ll discover the fundamentals of modern ear training.

Preview the introduction from the audiobook:

  • What exactly ear training is.
  • What ear training is not – the common myths.
  • The vital areas in learning music where ear training will help.
  • How ear training lets you play music by ear.
  • The four essential areas of ear training you should focus on.
  • The major benefits you will gain from doing ear training.

Who Needs Ear Training?

In this lesson you’ll discover how ear training helps in different musical situations and professions.

  • One question which will reveal if ear training is right for you.
  • How guitarists, drummers, singers, studio engineers and more all benefit from ear training.
  • How age affects the impact of ear training.
  • 3 top artists whose success depended on ear training.
  • Whether you need formal music training to succeed.
  • The Top 10 Reasons to include ear training in your musical life.

How to Train Your Ears

This lesson covers the different methods and approaches to ear training, and helps guide you on designing your own daily training routine.

  • The two main types of ear training to use.
  • Why one of these scares people – and why it doesn’t have to.
  • The best ear training methods for both types.
  • Recommended tools and resources to help you train.
  • How to continually learn how to train your ears better.

Member Success

“It gave me much better understanding of what is involved in ear training and the potential benefits.”
“As a non-professional guitar player, it really talks to my needs about “feeling” the music, instead of playing “technically”.”

Module Preview continued

When to do Ear Training

In this lesson you’ll find out how to establish a daily ear training schedule that suits you, and how you can maximise the results you get from ear training.

  • How often to do ear training.
  • Handy tips for incorporating ear training into your daily routine.
  • Combining ear training with instrument practice: Why and How.
  • Why planning your training is so important, and the right way to do it.
  • Recommended mobile apps and training MP3s to make ear training convenient.
  • How long it’s going to take before you see results.

Why Train Your Ears

Finally, a recap of all the benefits you’ll see in your musical life from ear training, with tips on increasing and maintaining motivation in the long term.

  • How ear training nurtures your inner musicality.
  • The major benefits which ear training provides musicians.
  • How your musical awareness and sensitivity will improve.
  • The surprising impact ear training has on the rest of your life.
  • What next steps you should take to start ear training today.

Member Success

“This is really a treasure of information! It’s beautifully written and each section gets right to the point.”
“I think it did a good job of reinforcing the important link between ear training and improved musicianship. Skills like sight reading can make you a very competent performer, but something like ear training is so important when playing and communicating with other musicians.

For me, ear training is going to improve all aspects of my musicianship – performing, transcribing, analysing, teaching…”

“Really detailed and very informative. It gave a really good overview of ear training, the benefits and how to maximize it.”
“Great content, carefully explained.”

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