Score to Sound Practice

Practice using solfa to figure out how notes on the page should sound, so that you can imagine the music in your mind (“audiate”) or sight-sing it.

After completing this module: you will be able to audiate or sing notes from a written score.

This module gives you the opportunity to build up the skills introduced in the Score to Sound with Solfa module – step by step.

How it works

This module has a sequence of lessons which gradually introduce all the notes in the major scale and a range of keys.

To help you focus on audiating or sight-singing the correct note pitches, only simple steady rhythms are used.

There are three lessons, gradually introducing the notes of the major scale and the full range of keys. Each lesson offers three different difficulty levels to help you develop your skills:

  • “Easy”: Short melodies which always start and end on the tonic (do) of the scale.
  • “Medium”: Slightly longer melodies which can start on any note but end on do.
  • “Hard”: Longer melodies which can start and end on any note.

Module Preview


  1. Introduction
  2. Do-Re-Mi (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  3. Pentatonic (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  4. Major (Easy, Medium, Hard)

Do-Re-Mi: Easy

Melodies are 4 notes long and start and end on the tonic. They use the first three notes of the major scale (do, re, mi).

Example 1

Pentatonic: Easy

Melodies are 4 notes long and start and end on the tonic. They use the notes of the major pentatonic scale (do, re, mi, so, la, do’).

Keys used: C major, F major, G major, B♭ major, D major

Example 1

Member Success

A great module, although very challenging. It is a great sense of achievement to have passed this module. I feel more confident and can recognise some intervals when I listen to different parts during choir practice. I’m quicker at finding notes in my head.

A very challenging module, yet I found (to my surprise) that I was able to accurately match the sounds to the score. The solfege system certainly helped me match intervals.
It’s been exciting being able to sight-read some of our new music for Glee Club.

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