Ear Expansion: Intervals

Learn all about intervals, and why they are important throughout music.

After completing this module: you will understand what intervals are and how recognising them will help you to be more musical.

Intervals are the building blocks of your core musical sense of relative pitch.

Doing interval ear training empowers you to understand the notes you’re hearing and the relationships between them, so that you can play by ear and improvise more easily. It also builds up your appreciation and understanding of chords (harmony) in music.


  • Hear melodies and harmonies more clearly
  • Judge leaps in pitch more accurately
  • Improvise more freely and confidently
  • Sight sing more easily

Module Preview

interval ear training intro


Watch the module’s introduction video to learn what interval ear training is all about and why it is so much more than just abstract music theory.

Plus, you’ll get the top two tips for learning intervals!

interval ear training why

Why do Intervals Ear Training

There are three very good reasons to learn interval recognition. Do you know what they are?

Hint: One of them is particularly important for singers!

interval ear training how

How to do Intervals Ear Training

Some students think there is only one way to learn to recognise intervals. In fact there are three which we recommend!

You’ll want to try each of them, as a combination of the approaches tailored to your needs and experience is what will work best.

interval ear training tips

Interval Ear Training Tips

Don’t make the mistakes everybody makes when learning intervals – and discover the tips which will help keep your interval ear training really progressing fast.

These interval “Do”s and “Don’t”s will set you straight.

interval ear training listen

Listen to Examples

Listen to specially created musical examples which demonstrate the different types of intervals and the 3 forms an interval can take.

You’ll also hear how to dissect melodies and chords into their intervals by ear.

interval ear training try

Try It!

Time to start putting your new-found interval recognition skills to the test!

These simple exercises will let you begin training your ear for intervals right away.


Check your new interval knowledge using the end-of-module quiz.

Member Success

“Learning to recognize intervals will help me be able to hear harmony in audio files, to improvise when playing with others, and to be able to add harmony to music.”
“I really like the Solfege and Interval Songs. Never heard those before. I think listening to those a bunch can also be a great help to remembering intervals”
“Intervals will help me establish what notes I need to sing and the distance between them.”
“That was a really good insight along with very good tips and options, how to start doing intervals, what they are, how to start using those tips in transcribing and practicing. Well worth every second.”
“I like the interval song, it should make remembering what intervals are supposed to sound like easier. I understand intervals a whole lot better now.”

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