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Learn the secrets from our expert guests on how to develop your musical confidence and unlock the full musical potential waiting inside you!

To celebrate 100 information-packed episodes of The Musicality Podcast, the team at Musical U has put together the Musicality Podcast Power Pack.

We’ve dug deep into our archives, putting everything in one place and packing it onto a handy USB flash drive for you to listen, learn, and be inspired. And we even found a few special bonuses along the way!

What’s included:

  • All 100+ episodes as MP3s, playable instantly on any computer, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player
  • Full written transcript of every episode
  • Episode Index organised by Topic and by Instrument
  • A collection of our most popular guides from the Musical U website
  • PLUS Exclusive bonuses from our expert guests!

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★ Ready to become a more creative musician?
Check out Episode 66 with Forrest Kinney, where reveals a melodic way to practice your scales. Or Episode 2 with Natalie Weber on games and exercises to inspire your creativity.

★ Need some ideas for improv?
Check out Episode 52 with Nick Mainella where he reveals the specific exercises he uses for for learning to improvise, or a cool trick to make your improvisation sound more interesting with Steve Nixon in Episode 30.

★ Eager to express your muse through singing?
Judy Rodham joins us in Episode 44 with two key exercises for beginner singers. And Allan Hubert-Wright busts three big myths about singing that will unleash your natural singing voice in Episode 86.

→ With Expert Advice from the Musical U Team too

♬ Itching to pick up a second instrument?
Christopher Sutton and Andrew Bishko talk about the musicality of playing multiple instruments in Episode 89: how becoming more musical makes it easy to pick up a second (or third, or fourth!) instrument – and how playing more than one instrument can help you become more musical.

♬ Frustrated by lack of progress in the practice room?
In Episode 63 Christopher explores deliberate practice. Learn about the concepts of deliberate practice and purposeful practice, and how to integrate the two in order to make the most out of your practice time.

♬ Want to explore the world of rhythms?
Anastasia Voitinskaia joins Christopher in Episode 83 to give a rundown of polyrhythms, where they’re found, how to count them, and why you should make them a part of your musical repertoire.

… or looking for something else?
Our quick topic index makes it easy to go straight to the episodes that will help you most!

Here are just a few examples of the 50 incredible interviews included:

David Reed

Discover the joy of improvisation with David Reed

David is the creator of Improvise for Real, one of the most popular methods for learning improvisation. In this episode:

  • The two pivotal moments that reframed his mindset on improv
  • Learn how to improvise the right way
  • How to escape the limitations which traditional music education may be placing on your improvisations

Bill Hilton

Dial in your musical mindset with Bill Hilton

Bill Hilton is the host of a highly popular YouTube Channel and author of “How To Really Play The Piano”. In this episode Bill shares insights relevant not just for pianists but for any instrument:

  • Discover the surprising advantage that adult learners have
  • Hear how singing helped him improve his playing
  • Uncover the missing pieces that hold you back from feeling creative and expressive

Anders Ericsson

Discover the truth about “Talent” With Professor Anders Ericsson

Professor Anders Ericsson is the author of the book Peak, originator of the so-called “10,000 hour rule” and the world’s leading expert on talent. In this episode:

  • Challenge the myth of talent and discover the truth which extensive research has revealed
  • Learn the secret to deliberate practice and the impact it will have on your growth
  • Find out how much having perfect pitch really matters for top-level musicianship

And a few of the 50 lesson episodes included:

How to Avoid the Ear Training Trap

Along the ear training journey, there’s a trap that 90% of students will fall into… In this episode:

  • Why ear training can’t be an isolated activity
  • How to fuse your ear training with the other essential element
  • Maximising the results you get from your training
Ear Training Trap

Perfect Pitch: Pros and Cons

Being able to name notes you hear with perfect pitch can seem like a magical ability, but it is not necessarily the road you want to take… In this episode:

  • Why perfect pitch may not be an ideal goal for any musician
  • How the common perception of “perfect pitch” holds you back
  • Discover the alternative to perfect pitch, and the real benefits that this can have in your musical life
Perfect Pitch

Learn to improvise creatively with Rhythm

Rhythm is an under-appreciated component of music, but is critical for expressive playing and creative improvisation. In this episode:

  • Why we don’t pay enough attention to rhythm
  • Leveling up your improvisation using rhythmic variations
  • How you can get started by playing on a single note – just like Ella Fitzgerald!
About Improvising Rhythm

Those are just a handful of examples of the 100 episodes included! The full Musicality Podcast Power Pack features well over 50 hours of audio including:

  • A Mindset for Musicality, with Natalie Weber
  • How to Hear And Play, with Jermaine Griggs
  • Seriously Enjoyable Music Learning, with Shelle Soelberg
  • Making Ear Training a Game, with Steve Myers
  • Making Music with Ease, with Gerald Klickstein
  • Learning to Sing in Tune, with George Bevan
  • Finding the notes yourself, with Sara Campbell
  • An Ear for Jazz, with Brent Vaartstra
  • Getting “Off Book”, with Melody Payne
  • Singing Smarter, with Meghan Nixon
  • Beyond the “Quick Fix”, with Ged Brockie
  • Note2Self: “I love this!”, with Lisa McCormick
  • A Toolbox of Musical Understanding, with Scott Sharp
  • Finding and Sustaining Creativity, with David Andrew Wiebe
  • The Rhythm of Success, with Steve Nixon
  • Turning Ordinary People into Musicians, with Casey McCann
  • Why and How to Learn Theory, with Matthew Scott Phillips and Jeremy Burns
  • Singing that Sounds Good – and Beyond, with Davin Youngs
  • Top Musicality Tools and Tech, with Katie Wardrobe
  • Multi-coloured Music, with the HookTheory team
  • How to really play music, with Bill Hilton
  • All Things Vocal, with Judy Rodman
  • More Ways of Knowing Music, with Jeremy Dittus
  • Doubling Down on Your Craft, with Brad Davis
  • Unleashing Inspiration, with Vincent James
  • How to “Just Play”, with Nick Mainella
  • How to Improvise For Real, with David Reed
  • Tell Your Own Story, with David Wallimann
  • Building Blocks of Improv, with Brenden Lowe
  • Follow Your Ear, with Dave Isaacs
  • The Truth About Talent, with Professor Anders Ericsson
  • The Instrument Inside You, with Ben Parry
  • Discover your own musical creativity, with Forrest Kinney
  • Listen First, with Donna Schwartz
  • Transforming Education through Music, with Jimmy Rotheram
  • Off the page and back again, with Chris Owenby
  • The Musicality of Sitting on a Rock, with Andrew Bishko
  • What Your Voice Can Do, with Jeremy Fisher
  • Finding, Recovering and Maintaining Motivation, with David Brown
  • Becoming Curious, with Sharon Mark-Teggart
  • Art and Opportunity, with Kendra McKinley
  • Getting Heard and Getting Paid, Your Way, with Bree Noble
  • Singing and Science: Busting Myths, with Allan Hubert-Wright
  • Folk, Frameworks and Fun, with David Row
  • Growing into a Mighty Oak, with Andy Wasserman
  • Getting Under the Hood, with Leila Viss
  • Inside the Jazz Mind, with Marshall McDonald
  • Musical Storytelling and the Art of Cabaret, with Fiona-Jane Weston
  • Today’s Music Industry and Finding Your Fans, with Todd McCarty
  • Welcome to the Musicality Podcast
  • Playing From Lead Sheets
  • Whole Steps and Half Steps
  • The Power of Solfa
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Learning faster by recording yourself
  • Finding “Your Note”
  • Pentascales
  • The Ear Training Trap
  • Recovering from mistakes
  • Chord Tones
  • The 10,000 hour rule
  • Mindfulness for musicians
  • Finding chords in scales
  • Good music habits
  • Transcribing Music
  • The I, IV, V and vi chords
  • Active Listening
  • Singing as a Tool
  • Grid Notation
  • The Hook
  • The 12-Bar Blues
  • Your Voice Sounding Weird
  • Meter in Music
  • Arranging Music
  • Approaching Improvisation
  • Improvising Rhythm
  • Improvising with Scales and Chords
  • Improvising with Structure and Phrasing
  • Learning to Improvise
  • Having a Roadmap
  • Deliberate Practice in Music
  • Sight-Reading Music
  • Scales and their Flavours
  • The Many Meanings of the Word “Tone”
  • The Non-Musical Benefits of Music
  • Playing By Ear with Trial and Error
  • The Lydian Chromatic Concept
  • The Many Meanings of the Word “Tone”, Part 2
  • Choosing an Online Music Course
  • Audiation
  • Polyrhythms
  • Succeeding with Online Courses
  • Frequencies in Music
  • Playing Multiple Instruments
  • Teachers, Coaches and Mentors
  • Frequencies in Music, Part 2
  • The Moods of Modes
  • Playing Like Singing
  • Creating Music Worth Sharing
  • Unlocking Your Musicality, Part One
  • Unlocking Your Musicality, Part Two

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PLUS: Exclusive Bonuses!

We’re including tons of bonuses in the Musicality Podcast Power Pack to help you learn faster and get more out of the teaching episodes and interviews.


Full Index by Topic and Instrument

BONUS: Jump straight to what interests you most

Not sure where to begin? We’ve organised this extensive collection by topics and instruments and included this index so you can immediately go to what you most want to learn.

No need to guess or go through one-by-one – just pick the episode that fits with your musical goals. And dive in!

Transcript of Every Episode

BONUS: Prefer to read?

Do you learn better by reading, or like to be able to check what you’ve heard?

We’ve transcribed each episode to create a incredible, packed-to-the-brim-with-information transcripts for you. Perfect for reading on your device or you can print one, some or all the episodes in full!

High-Speed MP3s

BONUS: 1.5x-speed version of each MP3

Did you know that your brain can comfortably understand speech 50% faster than it’s actually spoken? It’s true, and it’s a secret trick of the most avid podcast learners.

So we’re including every one of the 100 episodes in a special 1.5x sped-up version that you can listen to instead of the regular version, or as a quick recap later on. Once you adapt (it just takes a minute or two) you’ll find you can speed through podcast episodes at 1.5x the normal speed, saving you hours of time in your learning process!

Detailed Guides

BONUS: Go deep on key topics

We’ve taken our 5 most popular guides from the Musical U website and made them into handy PDF guides for your learning. Complete with exclusive training resources, worksheets, and information that you can apply to your musical life today!

Gifts from our Guests!

BONUS: Exclusive gifts from our expert guests!

We reached out to some of the expert guests who’ve appeared on the show and they have generously provided some special gifts for you! Get your hands on even more exclusive training and resources to supercharge your musical growth, created by a selection of our amazing guests.


  • 5 of the most popular guides from (featuring How to Learn to Sing in Tune, Minor Chord Progressions and The Circle of Fifths)
  • The “Learn Jazz Standards the Smart Way” guide from Brent Vaartstra (Learn Jazz Standards)
  • The full audio program, “The Secret Life of a Song” from Lisa McCormick
  • A “Daily Practice Guide” from Natalie Weber (Music Matters Blog)
  • A sampler of stories from the book “88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life” by Vincent James
  • A big pack of backing tracks (rock, blues and jazz), guitar tutorials, and more from Ged Brockie (Guitar and Music Institute).
  • A piece by David Brown (Piano Cub) titled “We Are Star Stuff Harvesting Starlight.”
  • A tutorial and backing tracks on practice progressions From Nick Mainella (10-Minute Jazz Lesson)
  • The “Performance Skill Assessment” by Gerald Klickstein (The Musician’s Way) to help you identify your strengths and opportunities
  • “Laryngitis: How to Get Your Voice Back” by Judy Rodman
  • The EPUB Guide “The Scoop on Chords” by Leila Viss
  • … and more!

Whatever kind of musician you are – hobbyist, student or professional – and whatever style of music and instrument you play, one thing is for certain: you want to be the best you can be, and use your most precious asset, time, in the most effective way possible to get you there.

What if the time in between your practice sessions could make you more musical?

What if ideas, information and techniques you could acquire outside of the practice room could have a massive positive impact on your musicality?

The reality is that learning through audio (like with podcast episodes) is an easy, flexible and proven way to take advantage of the “dead time” that we all have in our schedules – whether it be driving to work, waiting on an appointment, or doing household chores – and turn it to our musical advantage.

This is why we created the Musicality Podcast. And why the Musical U team has put so much time into creating valuable episodes week after week that all have practical ideas and exercises you can apply into your daily playing.

As musicians we don’t just play music… we live for music.

Every moment is precious – and every moment can move you closer to your musical goals if you’re equipped with the knowledge and instruction you need.

You’re going to love how The Musicality Podcast helps you to develop the musical mindset that will let you be more creative in your music, explore new genres and instruments, and to become more confident in all the ways that you express your musical self.

The Musicality Podcast Power Pack is your shortcut to having the musical mind you’ve been yearning for – all in one convenient package, delivered to your doorstep.

Learning on the go
Learning on the go
Learning on the go

100% Guaranteed

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