We offer a set of courses and a year-long transformational program to develop your musicality:

Foundations of a Musical Mind

Foundations of a Musical Mind

Rebuild your relationship with music from scratch, putting in place new and empowering mental models for understanding music instinctively.

In six weeks you’ll be able to easily and intuitively relate all the notes you hear to notes you play, notes you sing, notes you read/write, and notes you improvise or compose yourself.

Foundations of a Musical Mind

The Musician’s Ear

Discover new depths, detail and structure in all the music you hear, play and love.

In six weeks you’ll wake up your ears and musical brain using the mighty skill of active listening and learn a four-dimensional framework for understanding how music is put together – and why it has the power it does.

Foundations of a Musical Mind

The Circle Mastery Experience

Experience a new and unique way to unlock the powerful musical truths contained in the Circle Of Fifths.

In just ten days you’ll explore the Circle Of Fifths from a variety of perspectives to Learn its concepts, Practice exercises which ingrain the sounds of the circle in your ears and Apply your new Circle skills to real musical tasks.

Foundations of a Musical Mind

Ear Training For Beginners

A 10-day introduction to three key areas in modern ear training using the unique Integrated Ear Training™ framework.

Designed for beginners and experienced musicians alike, this 10-day course will let you Learn, Practice and Apply ear training like never before – and see the real benefits throughout your musical life right away. 

Foundations of a Musical Mind

Improv Immersion

Unlock your natural creativity using a special Expansive Creativity™ approach which leads to true improvisational freedom.

In seven days you’ll be able to express your own musical ideas in a wide variety of creative ways, and handle many different improvisation scenarios with confidence.

Foundations of a Musical Mind

Musical Superlearning

Learn the most advanced, scientifically-proven strategies to dramatically accelerate your progress in learning music, producing results 5-10x faster than normal.

In four weeks you’ll learn a full toolkit of unusual and counter-intuitive techniques which not only let you blast through mistakes, hurdles and sticking points – but also deliver a foolproof musical memory, make performance anxiety a thing of the past, and equip you with the same specific music mindset that empowers all the greatest musicians and performers.

Living Music

A year-long transformational musicality program.

Currently available exclusively by invitation to Musical U course graduates.