For Episode 100 of The Musicality Podcast we’re asking featured guests to answer the question:

What’s one thing you’ve learned
that could help musicians to tap into their inner musicality?

These clips will then be compiled into a special episode of the podcast.

We would love to include your answer!

You can use the widget below to record your clip and will have the chance to listen back before submitting it. Or if you prefer you can record and send an audio file to: [email protected]

We’re expecting most clips will be a few minutes long – but it can be as short or as long as you like!

Note: Please begin your answer with a sentence or two introducing yourself e.g. “Hi this is Daniel Thompson of There was one thing I learned early on which I think could really help others feel more musical… etc.”

Part two

We are also revising our main website homepage to showcase podcast guests and friends of Musical U.

If you could write a few lines recommending Musical U or The Musicality Podcast we would love to include you in this new prominent section of the website, including a link back to your own site :)

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