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Did you wish you could tick a few more of those “I Can Do This” boxes in the Musicality Checklist?

If you’re like most keyboard and piano players you’re probably tired of feeling trapped in reading sheet music – and wishing you could just sit down and play.

That’s exactly how I felt back when I was learning piano…

I desperately craved that natural creative freedom on the keys – but didn’t know where to start.

And to be honest, I doubted I would be able to learn those skills like playing by ear, improvising, having a great sense of rhythm, and so on.

Now, years later, I know the truth: these skills are learnable – and it can happen much faster than most people realise.

That’s why I’ve set up a special offer for you to upgrade your musicality in just 30 days:

Upgrade Your Piano Musicality in 30 Days
… with just 15 minutes per day!

Piano Musicality Jumpstart

We’ve put together a unique 30-day course for pianists focusing on the five most important topics in musicality.

In just 15 minutes per day you will learn new ideas, techniques and skills that will transform how you play the piano.

Every week for five weeks you’ll be introduced to one essential skill, based on five “Resource Packs” from inside Musical U. Each one is like a mini masterclass densely packed with the most important and useful things to know and do to develop your ears and instrument skills for each topic.

Each Resource Pack contains:

  • A 10-15 minute “mini-masterclass” video
  • A “Quick Reference” PDF which you download or print, with all the exercise instructions and details
  • A set of downloadable practice MP3s

We’ve created a special 30-Day Action Plan to guide you through using these Packs. You’ll know exactly what to do each day to maximise your progress.

And although it’s written as a 30-day plan you get access to everything on day one and can work through it at whatever pace you choose.

Up until now these Resource Packs have been available exclusively to Musical U members paying $399/year for access, but today you can get them for a single payment of $59 $27.

We’re providing this because we know a lot of musicians believe they don’t have the “talent” or “gift” required to play freely, confidently and creatively. We want you to discover how easy and fun it can be for you to become more naturally musical.

In just 30 days we’re going to introduce you to 5 essential musicality skills – and give you the personal, practical, hands-on experience of learning them, so that by the end of 30 days you’re equipped with some powerful new skills and you’ll know for sure that you personally do have what it takes to feel like “a natural” in music.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a one-time offer, available on this page only.

These resources are not normally available outside of full Musical U membership.

If you buy the Musicality Jumpstart you will have access to it for as long as you like – but you will not be able to buy it once you leave this page.

What You’ll Learn in the Next 30 Days


  • Mini-masterclass video
  • Quick Reference PDF
  • Practice MP3s

Week 1: Learn Improvisation Essentials

It can be intimidating to improvise on piano because typically you’re expected to provide both harmony and melody using your two hands. But improvisation can actually be possible for you, whatever your ability level – and it’s a great starting point for all the other skills in the Piano Musicality Jumpstart. In this Resource Pack you’ll learn some simple but effective ways to get started improvising great-sounding arrangements.

  • One great scale to use for improv and a simple chord progression that goes with it
  • How to completely change your sound with different left-hand patterns
  • Tips and tricks for feeling relaxed when exploring improvisation


  • Mini-masterclass video
  • Quick Reference PDF
  • Practice MP3s

Week 2: Tighten up your rhythm

In this Resource Pack you’ll approach rhythmic precision from the question of “what trips piano players up, when it comes to rhythm?” and get answers including practical tips, exercises, and tech resources to help you improve your own sense of rhythm.

  • The most common rhythmic pitfalls to watch out for as a pianist and how to overcome them
  • Useful left-hand patterns that can help you keep the beat
  • Tips for keeping good rhythm when playing with other musicians


  • Mini-masterclass video
  • Quick Reference PDF
  • Practice MP3s

Week 3: Using your voice and “mind’s ear” to play by ear

Pianists sometimes struggle with singing – because their fingers are so far from their ears! In this Resource Pack you’ll learn to bridge that gap through “audiation”, helping your singing and equipping you with the “instinct” for which notes your fingers should be playing.

  • Audiation: What is it? How can you do it? And most importantly, how can audiation be useful for pianists?
  • Audiation and singing exercises that you can use to sharpen your skills
  • Demonstration of specific ways to use your voice while learning to play a song by ear on the piano


  • Mini-masterclass video
  • Quick Reference PDF
  • Practice MP3s

Week 4: Learn to Play Notes by Ear

Learning to recognise the different degrees (notes) of the scale can let you play keyboard by ear. In this Resource Pack you’ll learn how to develop the two component skills: recognising which degree a note is, and applying that directly with your fingers on the keys.

  • How scale degrees can be helpful when figuring out a melody by ear, whether with numbers or “solfa” (do re mi)
  • A simple chords exercise that will help you hone your ears for this
  • Two tips that will help you apply your knowledge of solfa to figure out melodies that have tricky leaps or chromatic alterations


  • Mini-masterclass video
  • Quick Reference PDF
  • Practice MP3s

Week 5: The Essential Chords to Play By Ear

In this Resource Pack you’ll learn about the “three-chord songs” that are everywhere in music and some creative ways to improvise arrangements or accompaniments yourself.

  • An easy way to figure out the essential “one, four and five” chords in any key
  • Four different accompaniment patterns of varying difficulties which you can apply to any three-chord song in any key
  • Tips and tricks to learn and play three-chord progressions

30-Day Jumpstart Action Plan

Each of the Resource Pack videos is packed with a ton of ideas and exercises so we’ve also put together a clear 30-Day Action Plan to guide you through using them and provide a real “jumpstart” for your musicality.

  • Clear instructions day-by-day: know exactly what to do
  • Guides you through all five Resource Packs
  • Learn to connect and combine the different skills you’re learning

Plus Get These Two Exclusive Bonuses!


Essential Piano Chords to Play By Ear

In this PDF guide you’ll discover the piano chords you need to know to easily play music by ear.

Featuring a unique method to learn all 24 major and minor chords fast.

This is the secret to playing a lot more notes – without needing to read or think about a lot more notes!


Extra Resource Pack: “The Blues”

The blues is a gateway to a wide world of different musical styles and can be the perfect way to explore improvisation and composition.

Learn about the classic “12-bar blues” form, the distinctive “blues scale” and a variety of left-hand patterns you can use when comping the blues.

Piano and Keyboard players are talking about Musical U training…

Leith R.

“I really enjoyed going through the modules. I began to experience a new freedom and joy.”

– Leith R., U.S.A.

Alex S.

“I am enjoying the process of learning. Discovering new abilities, learning what the hardest parts are for me. Seeing that with practice I can get better.”

– Alex S., Israel

Emily G.

“This has dramatically changed the way I train my ears and sped up the amount of progress I’ve been making.”

– Emily G., U.S.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who made this product? Who will be teaching me in the videos?

This product was created by Musical U, the leading provider of musicality training online. We’ve been developing our methods since 2009 and have helped hundreds of thousands of musicians worldwide to develop the “inner skills” which let you feel free, creative and confident in music.

The Resource Pack tutorial videos are taught by Sara Campbell of Sara’s Music Studio and Upbeat Piano Teachers. Not only does she have extensive experience helping her own students develop their musicality, she is widely respected for her work in helping other teachers to do the same i.e. she is the master of masters!

We chose Sara to be our “Resident Pro” for piano at Musical U because she is superb at bringing musicality to life on keyboard and making it accessible and exciting for players of all levels.

Q: Is this suitable for beginner/intermediate/advanced players?

This material has been developed for piano or keyboard players who have been learning to play for at least a few months. You do not need an advanced level of technique to benefit from this material.

If you already find it easy to play by ear, improvise and create your own music then this may not be suitable for you.

However, assuming the topics listed above are skills you would like to explore and develop then you will find this material valuable, whether you have been learning piano/keyboard for months, years or decades already.

Q: Do I have to complete it in 30 days or can I go at my own pace?

You can go at your own pace. We provide the 30-Day Action Plan as a guide for how you could work through this material over a 30-day period in 10 minutes per day. However if you feel that’s too fast or too slow, no problem: you get full access to all the material from day one and can go at whatever pace is best for you.

Q: What if I don’t understand or have difficulty?

Our team will be happy to help. You’ll find an easy way to contact us for help and support right alongside the material.

Q: How long are the videos?

The Resource Pack videos are like “Mini Masterclasses”, each one boiling a topic down to the most powerful essential ideas and exercises, so in just 10-15 minutes you’ll learn everything you need to develop new skills and increase your musicality.

Q: When will I get access and how long can I access the materials for?

You get immediate access to the private website where you can view the videos and download the other resources.

Your purchase is not time-limited: you can access the material for as long as you need to.

Q: Can I use this on my PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android device?

Yes to all! The material is provided through a private website which can be accessed from any internet device so it is fully compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android devices and more. If you need any technical assistance we’ll be happy to help.

Q: How can I pay and is it secure?

We use world-leading secure payment processors Stripe™ and PayPal™ allowing you to pay with all major credit or debit cards or with your PayPal account.

Q: What if I don’t like it, is there a guarantee?

We offer a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t totally happy with your purchase at any time in your first 60 days just drop an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you a full refund, no problem.